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Woman sits in Tampines void deck, sorts parcels by tossing them around

If you have ever wondered why a package you received was not in the best condition, this could be the reason, especially if you live in Tampines.

A woman in the void deck of Block 848 Tampines Street 82 was caught on video tossing parcels around as she sorted them.

Stomper Alex shared the video he took on Saturday (July 22) at 9.40am.

The 49-second video shows the bespectacled woman sitting on the floor and picking out parcels from a pile in front of her. She would look at a parcel, write something on it and then casually toss it to the left, right or over her shoulder behind her.

"The delivery aunty just sorted the parcels by throwing them regardless of parcel content," said the Stomper.

He was not sure what company she worked for as he did not see any company logo.

"I just saw her sort the parcels which were all over the floor," he said.

In December, a viral video showed two workers throwing parcels from the back of a Shopee Xpress van to a third man who did not try very hard to catch them, letting most of the tossed parcels fall to the floor.

In response to a Stomp query, Shopee said: "The behaviour seen in the video is unacceptable, and it goes against our values and service commitment at Shopee."