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Shih tzu in Malaysia goes viral for collecting delivery parcels for owner

A tiny canine has been warming the hearts of Malaysians, thanks to TikTok videos its owner posted of it picking up parcels from delivery men.

In one video uploaded by Ms Brandy Yap, or @brandyyap322, the female shih tzu named Pin Pin can be seen collecting a package with her mouth before adorably strutting back into the house.

“I did not train [Pin Pin]. She will usually watch me collect parcels. Then one day, she asked for the parcel so I gave it to her. Who knew she would bring it back into the house,” Ms Yap wrote in a comment.

In another video, which has garnered 1.6 million views, the pooch is seen bounding towards the gate of her owner’s residence.

Pin Pin then puts her front paws on the gate and wags her tail as she waits for the delivery man to hand her the parcel.

The dog tries to grab it with her mouth but can’t get a grip on the parcel, so it falls to the ground.

Undeterred, Pin Pin again tries to grip the package when the man picks it up and hands it to her.

With his help, she finally collects the parcel.

Pin Pin heads back into her owner’s home, deposits it at the doorway and looks back at Ms Yap as if to let her know that the parcel has arrived.


terima kasih kepada abang abang dan kakak kakak yg sukakan pin pin...😍

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Many users praised the dog for her intelligence.

Some commented that Pin Pin’s wagging tail seemed to suggest how happy she was to receive the parcel.

Others noted her proud walk back into the house, and said she seemed thrilled at having carried out her duty.

There were even netizens who suggested that Pin Pin’s owner buy a delivery rider shirt for her pet.

Speaking to Malaysian social news site World of Buzz, Ms Yap said she had rescued Pin Pin when the shih tzu was being abused and then decided to keep her.

“She is a very smart dog. She loves me very much,” she said. “Whenever she sees me down or upset, she will always come and show me love.”