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Woman woken up by intruder in JB hotel room

It was 3am and her family was fast asleep in their hotel room in Johor Bahru.

But she woke up in shock as someone had entered the room and flashed his phone camera at her.

The Singaporean named Cecilia recounted the terrifying incident on TikTok on Wednesday (Nov 15).

She said it occurred at the popular KSL Hotel & Resort two days ago and declared: “I will never go back to this hotel anymore.”

Speaking to AsiaOne, the 35-year-old financial advisor said she was asleep with her husband and 21-month-old toddler when she was awakened by the sound of someone trying to open the room door.

The noise got louder and she heard the door unlock, she said. 

That’s when she saw a man walking in front of her bed. 

She said: “There was some light coming from the toilet but we couldn’t see his face.

“When I shouted to wake up my husband, the man switched on his phone camera and flashed at us for a second. He left after telling us he entered the wrong room.”

Feeling tired and “in a daze”, the couple went back to bed.

But the next morning, they went to “complain” to the hotel manager and got them to check the CCTV cameras.

The hotel told them that the incident was not captured and later upgraded their room for the rest of their three-day trip, she said. 

“We both found it really weird and bizarre, and definitely unsafe. Thankfully we are all okay and we didn't lose anything,” Cecilia said, adding that no police report was made as nothing was stolen. 

Her video has since garnered over 290,000 views, with many netizens giving tips on protecting against such intruders, such as leaving a chair or luggage behind the door.

One person said that “sometimes staff give access to the wrong room or they enter the wrong room”.

“Always lock and latch your room before sleep,” he warned.


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