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Be sensitive, guard against racial stereotyping

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I write with regard to "Stereotypes: Comedy or offensive?" (The New Paper, May 30).

I am surprised that at a time when we as Singaporeans should have come together as one to do what is right for our country, we have issues concerning race cropping up.

Is there a need to focus on our differences, that we are Chinese, Malay or Indian, when we are all Singaporean?

Those conducting these auditions for a film could have done it differently.

As we move away from what we were before, being better educated, more fluent - is there a need to regress, even for the sake of making a comedy?

Why the need to force an accent to the point of making it ridiculous? That is overdoing it. It can be perceived as being indirectly insulting.

Guidelines have to be in place as to how movies are made locally, taking into consideration the need to be sensitive, especially where race is concerned.

There is also the need to steer clear of stereotyping, which does not help in fostering unity in a multiracial and multicultural society such as ours.

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