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Let's focus on our future in today's Parliament debate

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I am concerned about our country, and the implications of the ongoing debate culminating in Parliament today.

I have followed coverage of the Oxley Road issue, which has been comprehensive and lucid.

It is hoped that the damage to Singapore's reputation can be contained, and that all involved will give this due consideration.

Of course, a house of some significance is in the eye of the storm. But is the dispute over what to do with it perhaps getting in the way of more urgent issues and the need to build on our nation's record?

It would seem the focus has shifted somewhat at this particular juncture. Many are hoping we can put this episode behind us, and get back to where our priorities should lie.

If we allow for this to continue unresolved, then there could be consequences for the well-being of our nation.

Let us keep what really matters in the forefront, what our first-generation leaders single-mindedly worked for, which was making Singapore an economic miracle that has raised the fortunes of our people and given them reason to be proud.

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