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Revive our HDB void decks

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I read "Make more use of our void decks" (The New Paper, Dec 19) from Yong Chang Jun with much interest.

We used to see boys playing football barefoot at void decks after school. Elderly people used to play Chinese chess there too.

Now these scenes are not so common. The problem is that the void decks are getting smaller and lack facilities for pastimes.

I can also remember when void decks used to have more mama shops, selling daily necessities and sundries.

Children would go to them to buy inexpensive sweets and cheap stationery.

The older void decks had table tennis tables and vending machines. They served as gathering places and brought out the kampung spirit.

Instead, today's void decks have too many barriers and random railings.

If we are to make the void decks more appealing, we will have to bring back the amenities such as concrete furniture, table tennis tables and vending machines.

Without them, void decks are nothing more than empty spaces.

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