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Your views: Don't accommodate 'smartphone zombies'

This article is more than 12 months old

Placing LED lights on pavements at pedestrian crossings is a waste of funds, never mind if other countries are doing it (Floor lights help 'smartphone zombies' keep eye on the road; May 10).

It encourages over-reliance on the lights because many pedestrians will think it is all right to cross the road with their eyes glued to their mobile phones.

There is no need for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to accommodate these smartphone zombies.

It should instead discourage such behaviour on the road. Whatever happened to the "look left, look right, look left, then cross" campaign?

Children will now grow up thinking it is fine to cross the road without looking.

A green "walking man" signal does not mean that it is completely safe for pedestrians to cross. One must still make sure that the vehicles have come to a stop before crossing. There may be drivers who cannot stop in time.

The LTA has done a good job coming down hard on those who use their mobile phones while driving, and on e-scooter or e-bike riders who break the law.

It should now do likewise for smartphone zombies or deploy officers at crossings to caution them.

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