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WATCH: Driver runs over 2-year-old & leaves him on road

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Even if you're not a parent, viewing the video will leave a sick feeling in your stomach.

A driver did not spot a two-year-old boy playing behind his grey car last Sunday (July 26) morning. 

While reversing out of an alley, he rammed into the toddler in Xianyou county, Fujian, China.

After knocking the boy down, the car's rear wheels then ran over the child. Fortunately, the front wheels just avoided him.



The unaware man then drove off, leaving the boy lying on the road, news portal reported on Tuesday (July 28).  

Miraculously, the boy called Xiao Hai not only managed to survive, he even tried to crawl back on his feet by himself.

But Xiao Hai was unable to stand and could only push himself up into a sitting position.

A passer-by spotted him and picked him up. 

The Good Samaritan turned out to be Lai Dehua, who recognised Xiao Hai as his neighbour’s kid.

Mr Lai brought the boy to his mother and called the police.

No major injuries

When the driver, surnamed Wu, returned to the area to retrieve some items several minutes later, a crowd stopped him.

It was only then that he realised he had run over a boy. Wu and Xiao Hai's parents took the child to hospital. 

Fortunately, Xiao Hai had no major injuries.

His mother said:

"Apart from some bruising and scratches on his right arm and back, he appears to be fine."

Wu said his car was installed with a back-up camera and radar but the equipment was broken two days before the incident.

The traffic police are investigating.

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