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Woman catches molester red-handed

This article is more than 12 months old

A gritty volunteer worker saved her seven-year-old adopted granddaughter from further sexual assault by a youth.

The woman, 53, a volunteer with a social organisation here, had taken the girl and her 10-year-old brother to a meeting at a community hall in Malacca on Sunday morning.

Two hours later, she found both children missing, The Star reported. She went out to check.

She saw her grandson crying.

The boy told her that a man had taken her sister behind the hall.

The grandmother rushed there and found the man touching the girl.

The single mother said: "I had to save my granddaughter from the youth so I dashed forward and pulled her away.

"The youth started to punch me and I bit his hand, which made him angrier."

She said the man pushed her into a drain before trying to flee.


She added: "I hurt my leg, but I screamed to alert the others who were still in the meeting. All of them rushed out and caught the man and handed him over to the police."

She said the girl was still traumatised by her ordeal and is suffering from high fever.

A diabetic, the woman is worried about her injured leg and hopes the injury will not lead to more complications.