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10-year-old girl works at a charcoal kiln to help family

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She is just 10, but she is already putting her family first.

Every day after school, Intan Maisarah Zulliazam goes to a charcoal kiln near her home in Kampung Belakang Kilang Arang in Kuantan, Malaysia, to help out for about four hours.

She helps to pick up the charcoal after it cools off and to remove the ashes.

For her efforts, she earns RM20 (S$6.60) a day, reported the New Straits Times.

Speaking to New Straits Times, she said she started working because she wanted to help her mother who works as a sweeper.

The mother, Lizawati Mustafa, 33, got divorced in May.

The kiln operator took pity on her family and gave the kid a job.

“Sometimes, I skip classes as I want to help my family but I hope I will be able to finish schooling.” - Intan Maisarah Zulliazam

Intan has four other siblings, aged between three and 12 years.

The eldest child has dyslexia.

It is not known whether the other siblings chip in to help the family.

Ms Lizawati said the RM800 a month salary barely covers the family's needs.

According to her, rent for their dilapidated house alone is RM200 a month.

Help may come soon as a local group, the Peninsular Malaysia Malay Students Union Pahang chapter, said that they will take up her case with the authorities.

The group also said that besides giving the children school items, they will try to give them financial help. 

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