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Baby buried in a cardboard box, found alive eight days later

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A baby born with a cleft lip in China's Guangxi province was buried in a cardboard box two days after his birth and left to die.

Local media reported that the parents abandoned the baby in a remote countryside.

Relatives apparently buried the child, thinking he had died, Guangxi Online News reported.

But the newborn was rescued eight days later by a woman who heard him crying.

Guangxi Online News reported that water and air were able to seep into the box.

The baby was buried in a container the size of a shoebox in a dusty and dry area surrounded by long grass, according to images posted by China Central Television on its Sina Weibo account.

The state broadcaster said on Tuesday (May 12) that a woman discovered the baby while picking herbs.

The baby was spitting soil when doctors examined him last week, the Guangxi Online News said.

CCTV reported that five people, including three relatives, have been detained on suspicion of attempted murder.

Source: AFP

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