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Black bear shot dead after it wanders into school

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A black bear was shot dead by police after it threatened the safety of students at a school in Heilongjiang, China.

The bear had wandered into the school early on Monday (Oct 12) morning and CCTV footage uploaded on NBC News showed it roaming the corridors at fast speed.

The bear then became increasingly aggressive as it started to break some of the windows in the school.

The Shanghaiist reported that the police said they had initially wanted to use a tranquiliser gun to sedate the bear but its aggression caused them to change their minds.

The bear, which was described by one witness as "roaring" and "looking angry and upset", was eventually shot dead.

No students were hurt in this incident that occurred in Raohe county near the Russian border, which is known for its wild animal sightings.

Some netizens have accused the police of animal cruelty as they felt the bear was simply behaving like how any wild animal would.

One person commented: "Of course it looked angry, it's a bear.

"They should have been better prepared and sedated the animal."

WATCH: Black bear enters school



Source: NBC News, Shanghaiist