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Canada's hot new Prime Minister has a Singapore connection

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Canada has a new Prime Minister  - and he is hot.

The Liberal Party's Justin Trudeau, who is the eldest son of late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, won Canada's general elections by a landslide this week, ending an almost decade long rule of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, reported TIME.

At 43, Justin will be the second youngest person ever to be sworn in as Canada's Prime Minister (he'll be sworn in on Nov 4).

Check this: This hottie's got a Singapore link.

On an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, a Canadian television documentary series that aired on CBC, it was revealed that Justin's mother, Margaret, is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Esther, the daughter of British major William Farquhar.

As we all learned during our history lessons, William Farquhar helped Sir Stamford Raffles turn Singapore into a British Settlement, and was the first British Resident here, as well as Commandant of Singapore from 1819 to 1823. 

Margaret Trudeau, mother of Canada's incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was in Singapore in 2007 to trace her genealogy. PHOTO: SPH/ CHEW SENG KIM

Mrs Trudeau came to Singapore in 2007 to trace her roots, finding her great-great-great-grandmother Esther's grave in Singapore, assisted by Singapore's National Library, reported the Straits Times.

PM Trudeau: Tattoos, boxing and Twitter trender

The Internet has been abuzz about the new Canadian PM (and not just because of his Singapore ties). 

Not only has he, impressively, fought and won a charity boxing match, he did it while looking like this (yes, that tattoo is real):

Canada's new PM Justin Trudeau at the Regina boxing club for a charity event in 2012. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB/ BOXING CANADA

He even went on Twitter to explain his tattoos: he has a large one of the planet Earth and another of a Haida raven on his upper left arm (that's the one you see in the picture above).



The father of three also raised $1,900 (S$2,033.53) while performing a partial striptease at a charity event in 2011. However, keeping things modest, he stopped short of taking off his white tank top, reported Huffington Post Canada.



Others on social media have taken notice of the incoming Prime Minister's good looks, trending the hashtag #PILF (do we really need to explain it to you?).













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