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China imposes three-year ban on entertainers who take drugs

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The Chinese government has enforced their stance on narcotics abuse by banning entertainers who have done drugs from all performances in China for at least three years.

According to China Daily, reported that the authorities came to this decision last Wednesday (Sept 23).

The new regulations now state that entertainers arrested for doping cannot be invited by any organisation to take part in any public performance or entertainment shows in China during the ban.

The rules are strict, even stating that movies, TV shows, radio shows and commercials done by them will also not be allowed to be broadcasted during the ban.

These new rules were implemented after some high-profile cases were reported last year, including the arrest of Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan who was sentenced to six months' jail for his drug charge.

Shanghaiist reported that this is bad news for anyone that had recently hired Chan to do work for them.

Chan was reportedly planning to release an album of duets with his famous father, Jackie Chan.

Any company who hires an entertainer during the ban faces a fine of up to 200,000 yuan (S$44,830) while the firms that broadcast the entertainer's shows could be fined up to 1 million yuan.

Since last year, the State Administration Of Radio, Film And Television (SARFT) in China has banned TV and other media outlets from broadcasting programmes showing entertainers who have been arrested for doing drugs.

Source: China Daily, Shanghaiist,

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