China president turns down helping to name Mark Zuckerberg's unborn baby

This article is more than 12 months old

China president Xi Jinping said no to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and he was firm about it too.

Never mind that both men and their spouses, along with the Obamas, were attending a White House state dinner last week that also saw many VIPs from the US tech and media sectors in attendance.

Mr Zuckerberg had made the request of asking Mr Xi to help him and his wife Priscilla Chan give their unborn baby girl a Chinese name.

Shanghaiist reported that in front of everyone there, Mr Xi firmly declined, saying that it would be "too much responsibility".

According to Page Six, Mr Zuckerberg had spoken in Mandarin to Mr Xi but that had not helped his cause one bit.

Mr Zuckerberg's response to the snub has not been reported .

Source: Shanghaiist, Page Six

Since Mr Xi declined, maybe Singaporeans can help Mr and Mrs Zuckerberg.

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