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#Fail: Fugitive caught after using IC belonging to another fugitive

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To evade the authorities, a fugitive used another man's identity card to buy a ticket at a train station in China's Wuhan city.

Unfortunately for him, the identity card belonged to a man who was also on the run.

Police were about to arrest him for the other man's crimes when he told them they had the wrong person.

He later confessed his true identity and was arrested for his own crimes.

The incident took place last Friday (July 30) at around 3pm.

#Fail: Suspicious behaviour

Police said on Monday (Aug 3) that officers were carrying out a routine inspection at Xiaogan North Railway Station when they spotted a man trying to hide from their view.

They stopped him and asked for his identity card and train ticket.

#Fail: Wrong accent

The card stated that the man's surname was Zhou and that he was from Handan city in Wuhan. But the man did not speak with a Wuhan accent. 

This aroused the officers' suspicions.

#Fail: Fugitive pretending to be... another fugitive

They checked Zhou's identity in the police database and realised he was a fugitive.

Just as they were about to arrest him, the man shouted that they were mistaken.

"This isn't me. I found this identity card while touring Wuhan," he said.

He proceeded to pull out another identity card and told police: "Actually, this is me."

#Fail: Not knowing his nephew's age

Though he looked more like the person in the second identity card, which put his surname as Yang, officers continued to question him.

He correctly stated the names and ages of Yang's parents, but got the age of Yang's son wrong.

When officers dug deeper, the man made more and more mistakes.

He later confessed that the identity card belonged to his brother.

The 34-year-old man was arrested.

He was being investigated for mismanagement and illicit financial flows of 50 million yuan (S$11m) when he disappeared last year.

Sources: NetEase, China Daily

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