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Cyclist snatches defeat from jaws of victory

You cross the finish line first, by all means celebrate.

Go wild to your heart’s desire, if you wish.

Just make sure that you're actually at the finish line.

Cyclist Daiva Tuslaite learnt it the hard way, not to mention that it was utterly embarrassing at the same time.

The Lithuanian thought that she had crossed the line in the Trophee d’Or, so she stopped pedalling and raised her arms to celebrate what should have been one of the biggest victories of her career — except that the finish line was some 15 metres ahead.

Almost Victory by Daiva Tuslaite at Trophee D'or 2015

That lapse allowed rival Anisha Vekemans to swoop in from behind and steal the stage win in Villequiers, central France.

The only consolation for Tuslaite?

The result was of no consequence, as neither she nor Vekemans could take the top title, which went to Australian Rachel Neylan.




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