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Grandmother carries boy relieving himself in front of Burberry

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Photos of a child being held by his grandmother while defecating on a paper bag - right outside of a Burberry store in Britain - has been causing quite a stir.

Shopper Matt Kelly (@track_taxi) took a photo of the incident and posted it on his Twitter account.

Netizen Matt Kelly (@track_taxi) snapped a picture of a Chinese tourist holding onto a child while he defecated outside of a Burberry outlet at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. PHOTO: Twitter/track_taxi (edited)

The incident took place at Bicester Village, a duty-free shopping paradise in Oxfordshire, which is favourited and frequented by Chinese tourists, reported the Shanghaiist.

Netizens have mixed reactions towards the situation:







However, Shanghaiist pointed out that according to the Bicester Village map, the free-for-use public restrooms were in fact only a couple of minutes away.

Burberry is No. 76 on the Bicester Village map. It shows that public restrooms are only a couple of minutes away. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM BICESTER VILLAGE OFFICIAL WEBSITE

In Singapore, we've also had our fair share of similar unsanitary public incidents the past few years.

Back in August last year a 34-year-old Singaporean woman with a long history of schizophrenia and intellectual disability was caught on camera relieving herself outside of Holland MRT station.

It caused quite a commotion on social media in Singapore as people initially tried to guess if she was local or foreign before her identity was revealed.

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