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iPhone saved man from shotgun blast

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A man in the UK has his green iPhone 5C to thank for saving his life.

In October last year, it saved him from a shotgun blast.

This week, the shooter was convicted in court.

Daniel Kennedy, 25, gone to confront a gang over teenagers near his home in Widnes, Chesire.

He had returned from walking his dog at night and had enough of the teens intimidating locals and switching off the water supply to the apartment block where he lived.

An argument broke out with the gang hurling abuse at the father-of-two.

Mr Kennedy chased one of the gang, Ryan Duggan, down a footpath.

Duggan stopped suddenly and turned to face Mr Kennedy.

He then pulled out a sawn-off shotgun and fired at point blank range.

The blast knocked Mr Kennedy to the floor. He suffered serious injuries to his abdomen. Duggan fled while Kennedy was able to drag himself to a block of flats where the emergency services were called.

Daily Mail carried Mr Kennedy's description of the attack

"It was pitch black. I got within one metre of him. He spun round and I saw him holding a big silver thing in his hand.

'There was a flash in front of me. I felt a burning sensation in the bottom of my body. It took me off my feet.'

 Police recovered Mr Kennedy's iPhone from the scene. It had dropped from his jacket pocket during the blast.

A police statement says that it was clear the phone had taken the majority of the shotgun blast.

In court, a pathologists statement said that it required only one pellet to hit a major blood vessel to cause a fatal haemorrhage.

The phone had saved his life.

Duggan was eventually found hiding in a flat 96km away in Burnley.

Detective Inspector Gary McIntyre, who led the investigation, said that he hopes the case degree of closure for the victim.

"I am fully aware of the impact this case has had on him and the fact that the devastating injuries he sustained will affect him for the rest of his life.

Despite making good progress he still requires treatment for his injuries – including further operations and rehabilitation. The nightmare is far from over."

Convicted: Ryan Duggan

Duggan, 19, was convicted this week of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

An accomplice, Jordan Grimes pleaded guilty to assisting Duggan by giving him a "safe haven" following the shooting.

Source: Cheshire Police, Daily Mail

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