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KL cabbies ranked worst in world

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Malaysian taxi drivers are gaining international infamy - for their bad attitude.

British taxi comparison site LondonCabs.co.uk has placed Kuala Lumpur taxi drivers at the top of a list comparing the 10 worst taxi drivers across the globe, The Star reported.

"Drivers from Kuala Lumpur are well known for overcharging clients and detouring.

"Even though they are supposed to charge by the meter, many drivers refuse (to do) so," said LondonCabs.

"The best advice is to simply wait for another vehicle if the driver resists using the meter."

The article further described taxis in Kuala Lumpur as "rather old and in poor condition".


Rome's taxi drivers came in second after Kuala Lumpur for their exorbitant rates and rudeness.

"Cars are scarce and the drivers are often rude and difficult to deal with," said LondonCabs.

"If it's raining, expect to pay double or triple the price for a vehicle in Rome."

Bangkok minicab drivers came in third for often getting lost.

Said the website: "Some travellers expect that they get lost on purpose for a larger fare, but the truth is that many drivers in Bangkok are out-of-work farmers simply trying to make some extra money."

"Rude and difficult" Parisian cab drivers were ranked fourth while cabbies in New York came in fifth due to many drivers being unfamiliar with the city's sprawling network of roads.

Other cities on the list were Mumbai, Zurich, Cairo, Shanghai and Moscow.

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