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M'sian teacher punishes girl for taking classmate's eraser

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A teacher at a primary school in Penang allegedly tied up the hands of a pupil after she took her classmate's eraser.

The girl's mother was furious upon seeing the reddish marks on her daughter's wrists.

The 25-year-old woman, known only as Ms Chan, claimed her daughter was not even allowed to untie herself to go to the toilet.

The girl is in Year One, the equivalent of Primary One in Singapore.

Said Ms Chan: "I noticed the injury when I went to pick her up at 6.40pm on Monday. She managed to free herself before school ended.

"Is the offence so serious that my daughter had to be tied up? Most children are mischievous but that does not mean they had to be punished in such a way."

Refuses to accept apology

Ms Chan said she met with the acting headmistress but refused to accept her apology.

"She wanted to arrange a meeting between me and the teacher but I declined.

"My daughter refuses to go to school now. I am worried about her although her injuries have healed," she added.

Ms Chan has made a police report.

The school authorities refused to speak to reporters who turned up at the school, reported The Star.

Officers from the Education Department are investigating the matter.

Source: The Star Online

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