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Six-year-old 'Superhero' dies saving older sister from rapist

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When he heard his sister screaming for help, he ran to save her.

Six-year-old Dominick Andujar witnessed his 12-year-old sister, Amber, being sexually assaulted by a man who was holding a knife to her throat.

When Dominick tried to free his sister, both his and his sister's throats were slashed by the attacker.

Amber, whose throat was slashed so deeply that her vocal chords were showing, ran outside to get help.

Dominick died from his injuries.

This happened in 2012 in New Jersey in the United States.

Mirror UK reported that it was recently when Dominick's nursery school had handed his mother his diary that they found out how valiant the little boy was.

He had written: “I am a superhero. I save people.”

The attack had happened on Amber's birthday and also just days before Dominick was due to start primary school.

It was a few hours past midnight and she had fallen asleep on the couch when her attacker, Osvaldo Rivera, 34, broke into the house.

Amber recognised him as the guy who gives kids haircuts in the neighbourhood.

After Rivera had slashed both Dominick's and Amber's throats, she staggered out of the house to call for help before she fell and collapsed in a pool of her blood.

According to Mail Online, Amber survived the attack after undergoing two operations to repair her sliced throat.

She was discharged from the hospital one month after the attack.

Amber then helped police identify Rivera, who went by the nickname Popeye.

Last year, the jury found him guilty of 11 counts that included, murder, attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault and sentenced him to 110 years in prison.

Dominick's mother said of Rivera: "I want this animal to suffer.

"He deserves to fear for his life, like my children did in their own home."

Dominick's other sister said: “Grown men wouldn’t do what Dominick did that day.

"He’s our soldier and will forever be in our hearts until the day we die.”

NJ reported that Dominick's grandmother, Naomi, was heartbroken over her grandson's death.

She had said in court: "I still can't believe I won't get to see his gorgeous smile, even though it's a smile I can't forget."

Source: Mirror UK, Mail Online, NJ

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