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Bride in Malaysia calls out hungry gatecrashers at her wedding banquet

The 2005 movie Wedding Crashers may have been hilarious for viewers, but a bride in Malaysia certainly didn’t enjoy the presence of gatecrashers on her big day. 

In a Facebook post on Nov 7, the bride, Jacqueline Ng, called out the wedding intruders who came, saw, and gorged themselves at her banquet dinner. 

Ng said she received multiple complaints from her guests, who said they didn’t have a space at the table and had spotted some unfamiliar faces in the crowd.

"We thought it was weird how an elderly aunty and uncle, whom no one recognised, was assigned to sit at the same table as us," one guest said.

The elderly man allegedly became inebriated after a while and kept “pushing others to drink”. 

"If you don't have money to eat, tell me. I can treat you to a meal or donate money to you. Showing up uninvited is so shameless," Ng complained.

One particular gatecrasher that stood out was a man in a colourful, chequered shirt who told guests he was Ng's neighbour, reported Sin Chew Daily News.

When he was exposed by Ng's actual neighbour at the table, he simply transferred himself to another table and continued tucking into the food.

Netizens then pointed out in the comments section that the man was a “serial wedding crasher”, and photos of him at other wedding banquets surfaced. 

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