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Chinese electric car makes driver 'get on all fours' for facial recognition

This article is more than 12 months old

In order to activate his own car, he had to kneel before it, literally. 

An XPeng electric car owner posted a video on Chinese social media platform Weibo about how his car made him go on all fours in order to verify his identity through facial recognition.

The car owner alleged that after a recent system update, he logged on to his in-car system's application and was requested to do an identity check through facial recognition.

The video shows that he was asked to place his face in front of a camera to fit the circle designated by the app.

He then realised that the camera the app chose to use was near the car's front bumper.

He was forced to bend down and tilt his head, just so the app could "see "him.

"Never in my life would I have expected this," the car owner said.


In the video's comments, another netizen reposted a photo from a separate post, which also shows an XPeng car owner on all fours next to the wheel.

According to Mothership, a day after the video was posted, XPeng Motors said they removed the app after receiving “poor” user feedback.

They also apologised to customers and said they would work on improving the system.