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Dog carcasses found in South Korea house; man says he starved abandoned dogs

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While looking for their dog last weekend, a resident of a town in South Korea stumbled upon dog carcasses inside a house.

They then called the police, who found more than 1,000 dog carcasses on the property.

The police are now investigating a man in his 60s for suspected animal abuse.

On Saturday (Feb 4), animal rights group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) posted a video YouTube, showing them at the house in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi province, where the man allegedly starved to death hundreds of dogs over three years, they said.

They found carcasses and skull bones piled up in various places, including barrels in the yard, and estimated that 300 to 400 dogs had met their demise there.

Four dogs were found alive in the house among the rotting carcasses All of them are afflicted with malnutrition or skin disease, and have been taken to veterinary hospitals.

Dogs from breeders?

According to Korean media, the suspect has admitted to collecting abandoned dogs and starving them to death.

CARE alleges that the man had received the dogs from dog breeders.

They speculate that these canines were of “no use” as they were too old or small to breed, and so the breeders allegedly paid him 10,000 won (S$10) a dog to “take care” of them.



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