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Dunked in paint, whacked with concrete slab: Cat abuse in Malaysia

Two recent cases of cat abuse in Malaysia have outraged animal advocates, after images circulated online of felines either doused in paint or brutally smashed on its head with a brick.

The first case was brought to light by a social media user, who last Thursday, shared images and a clip of a cat completely painted white. The animal can be seen struggling to move, with even its eyes seemingly blinded by the white pigment.

A day later, the cat was seen to be cleaned and back in its striped fur, albeit a little weak from its ordeal, and it was reportedly handed to animal welfare authorities.

The Malaysia Animal Association said the incident happened at a university in Gombak, Selangor, and offered a RM3,000 (S$870) reward for information on the suspect.

The act was “inhumane” but also potentially “life-threatening” as it could be harmed by the paint chemicals when it licks itself, said the animal welfare group.

The initial post by X user Izzat Bashir prompted other users on the social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, to thank him for his kindness and offer donations, while others drew resemblances from the cat to their own pets and urged against animal cruelty.

Other pet retailers also offered advice on pet-friendly cleaning methods, should others come across similar incidents.

In another incident captured on camera, a stray cat was seen being smashed on its head with a slab by a man. In footage shared on social media, the cat with a light coloured fur was by the side of a road next to a motorcycle, when a man approaches with a slab and smashes it on its head.

The cat can be seen convulsing on the ground after the man walks away.

Images shared by a Reddit user showed the cat bloodied at its mouth. The unidentified user, who first posted images of the incident, later said the cat died last Friday, after initially surviving the attack.

The incident occurred at 11.30pm last Thursday, the Kota Setar police in northern state of Kedah said a day later.

The police are seeking information to track down the man in the video, said deputy chief Syed Basri Syed Ali.

The case is being investigated under suspicion of animal cruelty crimes, with those convicted facing a three-year jail term and a fine of up to RM100,000, the police said.

Mr Arie Dwi Andika, president of the Malaysia Animal Association, condemned this act, noting it was the second case in a week.

In a Facebook post, he called on those with information on the suspect to offer it to the investigating officers, adding that the advocate group is offering another RM3,000 cash reward for information.

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