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Dust devil in M'sia dazzles viewers during Hungry Ghost fest

A vortex of fire rises from the ashes.

Was it a dust devil or one from the underworld?

The Hungry Ghost Festival may make some think it was of the second kind.

Residents in the town of Sungai Besar, in Malaysia, were burning paper offerings in this period known as the Seventh Month.

In Singapore, the period is observed throughout the entire seventh lunar month, which is usually around the month of August of the Western calendar. 

During this period, many Taoists and Buddhists worship their ancestors and make offerings to wandering souls that roam the earth, according to Infopedia.

It was no different in this Malaysian town, specifically on this small road flanked on both sides by shops.

What was different was the tiny fiery “tornado” that rose up from the embers of the burnt “hell money”.

A Facebook user uploaded a video of the uncommon sight on Aug 17.

The glowing little gale swirls around the ashes for a few minutes. Then it slowly disappears, like a spectre.

Viewers were split on what it actually was. 

Some went the paranormal route.

“The good brothers are collecting their money,” said one person, referring to dead ancestors.

Some were even frightened by the sight and invoked the Buddhist mantra “namo amitabha”.

Others were not so easily scared.

“It’s a whirlwind, they’re very ordinary,” one user said.

Extraordinary sight, ordinary explanation - one can live with that.

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