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Sudden wind chimes sound during recording scares Mark Lee

It could have been something perfectly normal or was it paranormal…

Chen Biyu, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin and Mark Lee were recording Love 972's radio show, The Breakfast Quartet, when the sound of wind chimes was distinctly and unexpectedly heard.

On a video posted on the station’s Instagram post on Sunday (Aug 27), Chen, 56, says, "Why is there the sound of…"

Chew, 50, hears it too.

A startled Lee, 54, says in shock, "Why is there the sound of wind chimes?"

"Zhou Gong Jiang Gui" (Mr Zhou's Ghost Stories), he says. 

It is a radio show on supernatural stories hosted by Chew.

Lee then removes his headphones, throws it into the air and screams at the top of his lungs.

Chen tries to calm him down but he repeats "Zhou Gong Jiang Gui".

"It's so scary!" he says.

Netizens were not as superstitious. Instead, they found Lee’s reaction entertaining.

"Mark's reaction is hilarious," one user said.

Another said, "You're a talented actor indeed."

Many left laughing emojis.

While the Hungry Ghost Festival could leave anyone observing it a bit more jumpy, perhaps it was just a sound app used by a prankster on the team?

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