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What, no Hokkien songs? Middle-aged woman takes matters into her own hands at getai show

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If you know what it’s like to get a bit tipsy, and then a bit more, you’ll sympathise with this woman at a getai show in Bedok on Wednesday (Aug 3).

You don’t get the music you want, and your idea of what to do about it seems completely reasonable at the time.

You storm the stage and seize the mic.

There were some 300 people in the audience enjoying the return of getai post-pandemic at the Bedok South Market and Food Centre, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The three-hour show featured well-known getai singers such as Hao Hao and Michelle Choo of the Mingzhu Sisters,  and was hosted by Li Peifen.

Another singer, Coco, was about to go into her second number when the middle-aged woman appeared and grabbed the microphone.

The host shouted for security. But there was no need for that.

The woman meant no harm, and Li and Coco persuaded her to leave the stage.

The host and singer lightened the atmosphere, with Coco jokingly telling Li: “It's all your fault!"

Both of them then sang the next song together.

The getai organiser, identified only by his surname Zhou, confirmed that the auntie had been drinking, and that it had all been "resolved peacefully".

The Shin Min reporter, who was present, also spoke to the middle-aged woman.

She said she did not understand some of the songs which were being performed, and had approached the organiser to ask for some Hokkien numbers instead.

Her request was turned down.

She admitted that her actions had been "inappropriate" and "a little impulsive" and apologised to the organiser.

It was just as well for all concerned, including and perhaps especially the woman, that she did not launch into her favourite songs herself after taking the microphone. The belief that you can sing, brought on by the consumption of alcohol, is after all a well-documented delusion.

That’s what much of the karaoke industry is based on.

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