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Father leaves son, 9, at police station to 'push' cops to return impounded bike

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A man had his motorcycle impounded by the traffic police in China's Shenzhen city on Saturday (July 25) for operating an unlicensed business.

The single father took a bus to the police station the next day with his nine-year-old son to ask for it back.

When his request was turned down, the man came up with the bizarre idea of using his son, Yiyi, as a bargaining chip.

Hare-brained scheme

The father, whose surname is Li, left his son at the police station and told him to "stay for a few days".

Said Mr Li: "I left my son there because I can barely make a living without my motorbike.

"I wanted to push the traffic police a little bit and maybe they would return the motorbike to me."

They didn't, of course. And his hare-brained scheme got him into a lot more trouble.

Against the law

Police called Mr Li and told him to come and get Yiyi, who had been found wandering the compound of the police station, but Mr Li refused to do so.

Mr Li returned to the station hours later around 10pm, but by then, the boy had been taken to the city’s juvenile rescue and protection centre.

The father said he left the boy there believing that the police would take care of him, reported Sina English. 

He added that it was the police’s responsibility if Yiyi got lost.

Mr Li is now in even more trouble than before as his actions were against the law.

He may be fined or detained. It is not clear if his son will be taken from him.

Sources: Sina EnglishShanghaiist

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