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Girl in China begs and screams for woman to return $40 she dropped on the street

A young girl in China went down on her knees to scream and beg a woman to return the 200 yuan (S$39) that she had dropped on the street. 

A video of the incident, which took place in Guangzhou in Guangdong province over the weekend, has been viewed over 30 million times on social media portals Weibo and Douyin.

The girl, dressed in school uniform, is seen crying after the woman, who it is understood to have picked up the money from the street, refuses to return the cash. 

The woman, as reported by Xiaoran Video, is heard saying: “Whoever picks up the money should own it.”

A friend of the girl tries to intervene: “This is her money. We saw you pick it up from the road.”

Passers-by stepped in as well. The man filming off-camera can be heard saying: “We saw you pick up the money. There is no way you should not return it to the girl. Even if it’s 1,000 yuan, you should give it back, not to mention 200 yuan.”

Others are heard telling the girl to contact her parents. But the girl shouted: “My parents don’t live with me. This money is very (important) to me.”

The girl later explained that the 200 yuan was her weekly allowance as her parents work in another city and she lives with her grandparents.

In the end, after more pleading from the girl and pressure from pedestrians, the woman relented and gave up the dough.

Commenters were unanimously critical of the woman:

She only returned the money when everyone around her forced her.

She had to beg the thief to return her money. This thief needs to reflect, repent, and apologize with compensation. Poor kid.