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Harry Styles halts concert in Australia for fan to propose to girlfriend

After drinking out of a shoe last week, Harry Styles has stunned his fans once again - this time, by stopping a show in Melbourne, Australia, to help a man propose to his girlfriend. 

During his concert in the city’s Marvel Stadium on Saturday (Feb 25), he spotted Stevan Filiposki and Connie Morriso holding up a sign which read: "Make my boyf (sic) propose".

To which, Styles said: “I feel like I need to ask Stevan how he feels about this. How do you feel, Stevan?”

He then turned to his crew, asking them for a microphone for the man. 

After being handed the microphone, Filiposki said: “I just want to say how good Harry Styles is... he's a lovely, lovely man but there's somebody I love more.”

Filiposki then turned to his girlfriend and asked: “Will you marry me?” before slotting an engagement ring on her finger and kissing her.

Following this, Styles sang his song Cinema, dedicating it to the couple. 

Speaking about the unforgettable moment at Australian TV show Sunrise, Morriso said: “I thought he would bypass it. It was so small compared to the signs around it.”

Filiposki added: “He's such an entertainer and when he walked past me he gave me a wink and a nod and said: ‘Are you serious? You want to go ahead?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. It was definitely in the moment.”

At his first show in Perth last week, Styles drank out of his own shoe after giving in to chants from the audience to perform the Australian tradition “Shoey,” which involves drinking alcohol, usually beer, from one’s own shoe. 

“This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever witnessed,” he remarked to the crowd after fulfilling their wishes. 

He also joked that he would have to go for a therapy session to get over it. 

Styles will be performing at the National Stadium on March 17 as part of his Love On Tour.

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