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Holy cow, it's 'Batman' to the rescue... in London!

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Who's the masked man fighting off criminals and evil-doers on the streets of London?

Witnesses say they have seen a mystery vigilante, nicknamed the “Bromley Batman”, in action - cleaning up the alleyways from knife-wielding gangs and muggers.

The incognito hero wears a mask, combat trousers and reportedly has a “well-groomed beard”.

He made headlines when he saved a businessman from being robbed by a gang in Bromley town centre, South London, on Monday (June 8). 

The victim, Ken – who has withheld his name as he did not want his family to know about the incident – said the tall man came to his rescue “out of nowhere” and was “dressed in combat-style trousers and a tight muscle top, and wearing a black bandanna mask”.

Now two others have come forward with similar accounts.

Justice League: Witnesses said they have seen a mystery vigilante in action, fending off criminals on the streets of London (not Gotham). FILE PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/ AFP

The first witness, who has asked not to be named so she does not worry her family, said she was mugged by a young man with a shaven head near Lewisham DLR station about four months ago.

The attacker "didn't speak but made an angry growling sound" and tried to grab her bag.

As he made to run off, a tall man with a beard appeared and tripped him up, grabbing the stolen handbag as he did so.

The victim said her rescuer spoke with a deep voice.

"He gave me back my bag, and told me something along the lines of: 'Make sure this doesn't happen again'," she said.

Ninja lock

It seems the mystery hero may be trained in martial arts.

A man from nearby Penge reportedly saw the "Bromley Batman" putting someone into a "ninja lock".

He told the Standard he was "walking home after a night out with mates" a few weeks ago when he saw some drunkards punching another man.

He recalled:

"From what I overheard, it was about cash being owed.

"A tall geezer came running in wearing all black, with his face covered up as well.

"He grabbed one of them, attacking him and put some kind of ninja lock on him... The (person) getting beaten up ran like a nutter, and with both the fellas on the floor, the masked (man soon left) quickly himself."

Police today told the Standard they had received no reports of a vigilante fighting crime on the streets of south London.

Sources: London Evening Standard, The Independent, AFP

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