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Indonesian mum frets after toddler shreds money meant for monthly groceries

It is probably any parent’s nightmare, especially in view of the current difficult economic situation.

One unhappy mum in Indonesia discovered that her toddler had used a pair of scissors to shred various banknotes ranging from 1,000 rupiah (S$0.086) to 100,000 rupiah.

TikTok user mahisaka_ went on the social media platform to post a video about her experience with the heading: “Don’t teach me how to be patient.”

She went on to explain in another video that the money was meant for the month’s groceries and that there was nothing left.

But she said she was calm when she asked her daughter for an explanation. 

Her child’s response: She just wanted to cut something.


Jangan ajari aku sabar ?

♬ original sound - rannunn ??

“But don’t cut the money,” the mum said. “If the money is cut, it will be damaged [and] it can’t be used anymore.”

Luckily for the naughty child, she was just let off with a reminder not to do it again after she apologised.

But that was not the end of the story.

In a follow-up video, the TikTok user shows viewers how she took a few hours to piece back the notes, like “playing [a] puzzle”.

According to Bank Indonesia, damaged or defective rupiah banknotes can be exchanged if their mark of authenticity can still be recognised or identified, although it does not say anything about shredded notes.

@mahisaka_ Membalas @Pengguna Preset seru juga main puzzle sampai subuh ? #proyektoodler #janganajariakusabar #gwenchanagwenchana ♬ suara asli - mahisaka

Many TikTok users have weighed in on the child’s antics, with one user saying parents should never let their guard down when they have a toddler.

“Blink a little and [their] project has already started,” the user said.

Some others chose to speculate about how much money was shredded, with one person putting the figure at 300,000 rupiah.

Then there were the TikTok users who praised the mum for her patience in dealing with her child, to which mahisaka_ replied that she still has “a lot to learn”.