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Irate resident threatens renovation worker with airsoft gun

This article is more than 12 months old

Renovations nearby can be hard to take.

Especially if the work involves hacking, drilling or hammering - while you are trying to sleep or concentrate.

Or as in this case, you are on an important Zoom call.

It can make you feel like tearing your hair out, running out and committing random senseless acts.

Yet, even denizens of densely populated cities who have experienced this not uncommon misery will look askance at what this man did.

He pointed a gun at a worker and threatened to shoot him.

Surely, that was going too far.

The Indonesian police think so. They have arrested the 54-year-old resident from an upscale Jakarta neighbourhood after the worker made a report.

A video of the incident has been doing the rounds online.

Many of those commenting rightly pointed out that the poor worker was not to blame for the noise.

The police confirmed that the gun was a non-lethal airsoft. But such a threat can still constitute a crime.

It seems the man had told the worker twice to cut out the noise but the work continued.

“And then the suspect pointed his airsoft gun at the victim, telling him to choose between getting shot in the knee or the foot,” a police spokesman was quoted as saying at a news conference on Tuesday (Feb 15).

If the resident is found guilty, he can reportedly spend up to a year in prison. Where of course there are unlikely to be any renovations - or Zoom calls.

Watch the video here: