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Malaysian woman buys Lambo for husband as his life will be 'confined' after she gives birth

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In an epic move to pre-reward her spouse, a pregnant woman in Malaysia bought a RM2 million (S$650,000) Lamborghini for her husband in anticipation of his “sleepless nights” once she gives birth.

Ms Anes Ayuni Osman, 19,  a successful cosmetics entrepreneur from Kelantan, bought the supercar to soothe her husband's nerves as her upcoming confinement will last 100 days.

The surprise was documented by the woman on TikTok, as she and her husband, 20, pulled into a car dealership on March 11, with the husband blindfolded.

The gift in waiting? A turquoise Huracan Evo, wrapped in a red bow.

Her husband, Mr Weldan Zulkefli, cried tears of joy as he hugged his wife.

“Apart from being thankful for his sacrifice, I’m gifting him this Lamborghini because I want him by my side throughout my confinement,” the mum-to-be told mStar, adding that her husband will not be able to go anywhere once the baby arrives," said Ms Ayuni, who is due to deliver her firstborn at the end of March.

She and her husband will be going back to her family home in Pasir Mas, Kelantan to observe the confinement period.

Ayuni said her family's house is in the kampung and her husband cannot leave.

She added: “I’m expecting my husband to not only be with me all the time but he has to care for the baby day and night because there’s a huge possibility I will be having a Caesarean birth.

“Mums out there will know how painful a C-section is, so I want more attention from my husband.” 

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Ms Ayuni expects infant care to take its toll on her husband.

“He (usually) stays awake at night because his business brain works better at night doing marketing," she said.

“I’m just worried when he stays up all night and sleeps during the day, that’s when our child will fuss about. When that happens, I have to wake him up to manage the baby.”

Don't fret, Ms Ayuni. If he ever grows weary, he just needs to look outside the kampung window and glance at his brand new lambo. 

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