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Miami Airbnb host shocks TikTok with large amounts of food left behind by guests

A TikToker in the United States is causing jaws to drop with videos of the amounts of food her Airbnb guests leave behind in her fridge.

Ms Giullianna Liza has been documenting since May the items she finds after her guests leave her property in the south-eastern US city of Miami.

She started a video series called “What my guests left behind in my Airbnb” on her TikTok account.

Since then, Ms Liza has posted at least 40 videos.

Some of the items in her videos have been partly consumed, although she said she has also found products that are unopened.

In a video posted two days ago, she displays an array of items including a bottle of Coca-Cola, salsa tubs, three plastic trays of eggs, and packs of frozen meat.

Another video from three days ago came with the caption “Fajitas tonight”, suggesting she would use some of the items found in her fridge for dinner that day.

One of her most popular videos is from July, which chalked up more than 25 million views.

In the clip, she shows how her guests left a nearly full carton of eggs, shredded cheese and a clean-looking deck of gold playing cards.

When asked if she keeps food that is not sealed, Ms Liza said “no” with a sad smiley.

Still, the amount of food products displayed in her videos has shocked some TikTok users.

Some people suggested she had enough to sustain herself for weeks.

One person said: “At this point you don’t even need to go grocery shopping.”

Another user pointed out that Airbnb guests often think they would cook while on vacation, but end up going out to eat.

Yet another user wondered why “people buy this much stuff for a relatively short stay at a hotel/bnb”.

Some commenters who let out their properties on Airbnb said they would use untouched food for their next guests.

However, not everyone appreciates guests leaving food behind.

One Airbnb host complained to his guest for leaving some items in his apartment, according a Reddit user.

Others who have stayed at Airbnb properties said they would not have left anything behind to begin with.

“Me and my family always bring our food back home. We ain’t rich enough to leave all this,” one TikTok user said.

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