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Mimicking a cartoon, boy in China 'parachutes' from 26th floor using an umbrella

A boy in China, inspired by cartoon characters exhibiting superhuman abilities, jumped from his apartment on the 26th floor using an umbrella as a “parachute”.

Miraculously, the four-year-old child from Hunan province survived the deadly stunt, sustaining only a broken arm and multiple fractures.

According to Chinese media outlet Shui Mu Wang, the boy was attempting to imitate a scene from a cartoon he had watched. 

His parents were not at home at the time, and his grandmother was looking after his sister downstairs when the incident took place.

As the boy was relatively light in weight, his fall was apparently slowed by the umbrella, and he was also cushioned by some trees when he fell.

He is currently being treated at a local hospital, where his condition is stable.

Oriental Daily reported that the boy jumped after watching Tom and Jerry. He purportedly thought that he would be able to land safely if he jumped with an umbrella.

As the balcony of his home was not equipped with anti-theft safety nets, he easily accessed and jumped from it. 

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