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M'sian girl, 8, wins $450 after gambling with schoolmates during recess

She gave her 8-year-old daughter RM50 ($14.60) as a weekly allowance. So she was left stunned when her child returned home from school one day with over RM1,500. 

A mother in Malaysia was shocked to discover her daughter holding wads of cash to show that she could afford to pay for a new RM899 school bag.

When asked where she got the loot, the primary 2 pupil revealed that she profited off gambling activities at school.

Posting on the UTAR Confessions - ALL Rejected / Censor Original Posts Facebook page, the mother explained that her daughter took a liking to an expensive school bag recently.

Turned off by how much the bag cost, the mother tried directing her daughter to look at other stores – but the child insisted that she "had the money".

The little girl then took out wads of cash from her school bag – a total of RM1,550 (S$450).

“I only gave her RM50 to buy food for a week, how could she still have more than RM1,000?” said the mother.

After checking with her husband that he did not give the girl the money, the mother sat her daughter down and questioned her. 

"My daughter was really excited to tell me the whole story about making money at school," the mother wrote.

The child said she had been engaging in gambling activities during recess, operating as the "house" in dice games with her schoolmates.

"I was surprised (and) wasn't sure if I should be happy or worried," the mother said, adding that her daughter attended an international school where many of the students come from high-income families. Some students receive as much as RM100 allowance a day.

In the comments, some netizens encouraged the mother to redirect her bright, young daughter towards the "right path".

“Your daughter has a future,” one commenter wrote.⁠

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