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Najib says trial is chance to clear his name

This article is more than 12 months old

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia's former prime minister Najib Razak says that he will have a chance to clear his name, after the High Court ordered him to enter his defence over the RM42 million (S$13.8 million) SRC International case.

He said that he had decided to give his sworn statement in court and allow the prosecution to question him in the dock.

"My lawyers and I will be given a chance to call upon the defence witnesses for the first time in this case.

"Until now, only prosecution witnesses have been called and this time the defence witnesses will be given a chance to give a picture on the real scenario and prove that I am innocent," he said in a post on Facebook.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said he is shocked that Najib has expressed shock over the High Court's order for the former Prime Minister to enter his defence on seven charges in the SRC International trial.

"I am shocked that he is shocked. We follow the rule of law. He has a case to answer and the case took months. That is how we run the government," Dr Mahathir said.

He said that Najib had a good hearing and was allowed to go on bail and help the campaigning in various by-elections.

"We will get all this nonsense from him because we are being lenient, following the rule of law," he said on Monday.

On allegations that he has interfered with court matters, Dr Mahathir said the person should provide proof.

He was responding to claims by Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam who said on Monday that if not for Dr Mahathir's meddling, Mr Najib would have been a free man. - THE STAR