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Taiwanese actor stir-fries wife’s placenta, says it tastes like pork liver

Like a dutiful husband, Taiwanese-American actor Benji Wang was by his wife’s side during the delivery of their daughter Stella on May 12, even helping cut the umbilical cord.

Rather unusually, though, the 40-year-old then asked the hospital staff to pack the cord and placenta, so he could cook it at home for his wife.

On Sunday (May 14), the Intern Doctor star posted an Instagram Reel demonstrating how he cooked the dish.

In the video, Wang boils the placenta and umbilical cord in a pot before stir-frying them with onions, ginger and pepper.

Wang said he had heard that consuming the placenta provides important micronutrients such as iron.

"This is my first time eating human flesh. I was very nervous when I took my first bite.

"It tastes a little like pork liver but also pork belly and intestines. The taste is pretty average," he told TVBS News Network.

Meanwhile, Cindy said she enjoyed the dish and that the placenta was "delicious and crunchy".


Placenta eating is not entirely uncommon, with some women across various cultures cooking and digesting their placenta after pregnancy for rumoured health benefits.

Instagram users who came across Wang’s post had mixed feelings about the dish. 

One commenter wrote that there is no “proper” scientific proof that consuming the placenta has any real health benefits – and that it’s just a folk remedy. 

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