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Teen holds onto mum's flowers even after being pulled out of accident wreckage

When a man witnessed a traffic accident near Kuala Lumpur recently, he stopped his car to help one of the passengers stuck in an overturned car. 

He was flummoxed at first when he saw the person – a teenage boy – clutching onto a bouquet of flowers while being pulled out of the vehicle.

Turns out, the teen was on his way to celebrate his mother’s birthday, and the flowers were her birthday present.

The man, a renowned Malaysian philanthropist affectionately referred to as Uncle Kentang, posted about the incident on Wednesday (July 19), highlighting how the boy’s love for his mother surprised and touched him.

He said he passed by the scene of the accident on Sunday (July 16) and noticed that the car in front of him had been hit by a sedan, overturning as a result.

As he pulled the teen out of the car, he noticed he was clutching the flowers tightly.

He then asked the teen to contact his family, but the latter replied that he couldn’t as his phone was still inside the damaged car. 

Uncle Kentang said he was struck by the response, as it meant that the teenager valued his mother’s gift more than his own phone, even in a time of emergency. 

“When his mother (arrived at the scene), she couldn't help but shed tears and hugged him tight,” said Uncle Kentang in his post. 

“I told his mom you deserve to be proud because you have a son who loves you so much. I also hope all the kids can learn from this young man to love their mom and dad. Don't forget that our parents are getting old; make time to spend with them.”

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