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Thais warned of drugs sold online as lollipops

BANGKOK – The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) on Feb 2 urged parents to watch out for a new recreational drug in the form of lollipops that have recently become popular among young people and partygoers.

The drug candy goes by the street names of “party lollipops” or “drunk lollipops”, and are being sold openly on social media channels following crackdowns by authorities on other recreational drugs, said Police Lieutenant-General Phanurat Lakboon, secretary-general of the ONCB.

He said tests on four variations of these candies by the ONCB’s Narcotic Analysis and Technical Service Institute found one containing nimetazepam and tramadol, two containing ketamine and tramadol, and the final candy containing flunitrazepam.

He said: “These ingredients are highly controlled, Category 2 psychotropic substances, and must be prescribed by doctors at certified institutes only.

“They could cause hallucination, respiratory depression and death.”

Mr Phanurat said the authorities had earlier cracked down on similar drugs but in powder form, meant to be mixed with coffee or alcoholic drinks. It had become highly popular among visitors of night entertainment venues.

He warned that those possessing Category 2 psychotropic substances for sale or public distribution can be jailed up to 15 years or fined up to 1.5 million baht (S$56,500).

Those found guilty of advertising these drugs via public channels like social media can also be jailed up to two years, fined 200,000 baht, or both.

Mr Phanurat advised parents to check what candy their children are buying, as some may have bought the drug lollipop without knowing its effects.

He also urged people to observe the behaviour of their family members, especially if go out at night frequently or visit entertainment venues. – THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK