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Tour guide scolds tourists for not spending enough

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A tour guide in China was filmed berating tourists in her group for not spending enough money at a jewellery shop.

The tirade took place on a tour bus on April 12 and went on for more than three minutes.

Ms Chen Chunyuan of Kunming Fenghua Travel Agency said she was frustrated because three or four of the tourists spent a total of only 1,000 yuan (S$215) compared to tourists in other groups who spent 10,000 or even 50,000 yuan, reported People's Daily.

She said: "You should spend money for the sake of your conscience. Otherwise, you will face retribution."

Ms Chen threatened to cancel the rest of their trip and their airplane tickets if they did not purchase items at the next stop.

"If each of you don't spend 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, we will cancel the trip. Your flight tickets home will also not be covered," she said.

After scolding them, Ms Chen proceeded to talk about the items for sale at the next stop.

Package tour

The tourists were on a package tour which included stops in four cities.

The Yunnan Provincial Commission of Tourism Development said in a statement on Sunday (May 3) that Ms Chen's licence has since been revoked.

The travel agency was fined 20,000 yuan, reported Shangahiist. It has also been ordered to suspend its operations.

Agencies in China are banned from arranging for visitors to purchase goods at specific locations and earning commission from the sales, reported People's Daily.

Sources: People's Daily, Shanghaiist

Some of the things Ms Chen said:

"The bus is prepared for tourists who have moral standards and a conscience. If you do not have these, you are not fit to sit here."

“With what mentality are you visiting Yunnan? As a freeloader? I tell you, you are wrong."

"I've been here for four days. My household has old people and young children. You don't have to take my troubles into consideration. But as I've said, when you give something, you should get something in return. If the person standing here is your sister, your wife, your family member, would you want them to work so hard without getting anything in return?"