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Trump's inauguration: What Americans say

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As Mr Donald Trump prepares to take office today (tomorrow, Singapore time), Americans are looking to the inauguration of their 45th President with different expectations ranging from excitement and elation to despondency and dread. Here are some of their thoughts:

"I'm excited, because I do believe this is to be the start of good things for America."
- Ms Deni Dillon, 60, a small business owner

"I feel that this country is moving backward, away from positive progress in terms of racial, ethnic and gender equality, away from taking responsibility for the future of humanity, animals and our environment."
- Ms Holly Morganelli, 36

"I'm so excited about Trump's wall... I hope the Trump presidency unites the country and brings about a thriving economy."
- Mr Jim Chilton, 77, a rancher

"I am even more worried now that he is about to take office. I don't know what to expect."
- Ms Noelle Cullimore, 54, a mother of two

"I know he will be the least popular president in the country's history and I understand that. I have never blindly followed him, but I think he deserves a chance." 
- Mr Denise Galvez, 41, a Cuban-American

"I'd like to think that he has minorities in his mind, because we are the foundations of this country... I'm hoping the hate rhetoric is going to be less, that he gives a platform for minorities."
- Mr Hiba Nasser, 20, a US-born Muslim student

"I am genuinely afraid. Being wildly unqualified and ethically dubious would be bad enough, but even worse is that he is openly hostile to science and facts."
- Mr Brett Spiegel, 43

"I guess you could call it hopeful optimism. Maybe this guy can pull something out of his sleeve that nobody saw coming."
- Mr Dennis Frasene, 38, a Hillary Clinton supporter

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