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US court upholds block on Trump's travel ban

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SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump had another legal setback on Monday as a second federal appeals court refused to revive his travel ban on people entering the United States from six Muslim-majority nations in a dispute headed to the US Supreme Court.

The San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals used narrow grounds to reject the Trump administration's bid to undo a Hawaii federal judge's decision blocking the temporary ban.

The Virginia-based Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on May 25 also upheld a Maryland judge's ruling that blocked Mr Trump's 90-day ban on travellers from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, Reuters reported.

Yesterday Mr Trump took a swipe at the ruling, AFP reported.

"Well, as predicted, the 9th Circuit did it again - ruled against the travel ban at such a dangerous time in the history of our country. S.C.," he tweeted.

The "S.C." in Trump's tweet is an apparent reference to the Supreme Court.

The Ninth Circuit largely left in place a nationwide injunction by Judge Derrick Watson that stopped parts of the order, which Mr Trump said was needed to prevent terrorism in the US.

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