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Use an app, not coupons, to pay for parking in JB

JOHOR BAHRU - Starting next year, Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) will no longer be issuing physical coupons for its 68,000 public parking spaces.

The city council is encouraging motorists to download its app - MBJB Spot - to pay for parking in the city.

Johor Bahru mayor Datuk Noorazam Osman said 2023 would be the final year that motorists could use parking coupons within MBJB areas.

The city council will end the selling of parking coupons in phases and the vending of coupons will end once supply runs out, he said.

“This is in line with our efforts to digitalise MBJB services. Version 2 of the MBJB Spot app was launched earlier this year.

“So far, 449,404 users have downloaded it, meaning almost half of those living and working around Johor Bahru are using it, including Singaporeans,” he added.

The MBJB Spot app was first introduced in 2016.

Mr Noorazam said this was part of MBJB’s effort to develop a smart city that would contribute to a better quality of life in Johor Bahru.

The smart city agenda would be implemented in phases, starting with digitising public services, said the mayor.

He said that through the app, the public could pay for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly parking.

In the event that their vehicles have been towed to one of MBJB’s three depots, motorists can use the app to check the location and pay the fines.

The app is also useful for looking up traffic conditions and getting details on the city council’s activities.

Mohd Noorazam said MBJB was looking at upgrading the app.

He reminded business owners such as workshops, car accessory shops, carwash outlets and other related businesses that it was compulsory for them to apply for reserved parking bays.

“We will take immediate action against those caught using public parking bays without paying rental.”

He urged those who have unpaid fines to pay up, as the app had made it more convenient to do so.

Lecturer Vincent D’Silva said using the app was much easier than buying coupons, which was a hassle.

“People nowadays are in a rush. They do not have time to go into shops to buy the RM8 booklet of coupons. Some shops are even selling it at RM9.”

He said that if a user made a mistake when scratching the panel, he would still get a summon ticket despite displaying the coupon.

“The app’s interface is easy to use and it only takes a few seconds to upload information such as the car registration number.

“The app also has a reminder for us to make additional payments before time runs out,” said Mr D’Silva.

Music shop owner Raja Faliq Rada Adam, however, said MBJB needed to fix the app’s bugs and improve its stability.

“I encountered issues with the initial version of the app that was unstable. As I could not log in, I was unable to make payment and so I received a summons,” he said.

“Hopefully, MBJB will be able to rectify the glitches before next year.” - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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