Victim's body had 'new & old injuries'

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Married couple arrested over abused housemate's death in M'sia

A doctor, 28, and her husband, 43, an insurance agent, have been arrested and remanded for a week to assist in the investigations into the death of their housemate in Kedah.

Magistrate Mohd Khairul Hafizuddin Ramli issued the remand order to the couple, who were seen in police lock-up attire on Thursday.

The doctor was seen carrying her six-month-old baby, The Star reported.

It was reported that the couple were detained for allegedly causing multiple body injuries to their housemate, Miss Nurul Syahirah Ishak, 21.

Miss Nurul was believed to be one of the occupants of a double-storey house in Jitra.

At about 1.30pm on Wednesday, Miss Nurul was found unconscious in the house before she was rushed to Jitra Hospital.

She died about an hour later. The case has been classified as murder.

Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief SAC Mohd Nashir Ya said there were old and new injuries on several parts of the victim's body.

He said the doctor and her husband have been renting a room in the house-turned-homestay since last August.

"The victim knew the insurance agent and has been staying with the couple since February this year," he said.

Miss Nurul's body was sent for a post-mortem and was claimed on Thursday by her father, Mr Ishak Sulong, 45, and former employer Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail.

Mr Ishak said at the hospital mortuary that his daughter had gone missing and had not reported to work for more than a month.

"I spoke to her about two weeks ago, but she did not say anything strange or unusual," he said, adding that his daughter was the older of his two children.

Mr Ishak said he knew the insurance agent, who used to work at the taxi stand at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) where he and Miss Nurul worked.

Mr Shamsubahrin said Miss Nurul used to be a part-time cashier at his taxi counter at KLCC.

"She was an intelligent worker, so I promoted her to the post of supervisor.

"She got along very well with most of my taxi drivers and I was even planning (to) promote her to manager," he added.

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