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Violence for years, then he cheated on her, and she went out and bought an axe...

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A woman in her mid-30s took a taxi to a hardware store, bought an axe and hacked her partner to death in Australia.

Then, immaculately dressed, with makeup on, she went to the police and told them what she had done.

Earlier, she had searched online for the easiest way to kill the 35-year-old man.

The woman, who appeared in the New South Wales Supreme Court on Friday, has pleaded guilty to murder. Her real name was not revealed, and the court used a pseudonym, media reports said.

The couple had a relationship described in court as “volatile”.

The man had repeatedly been accused of using violence against her, and had been convicted thrice between 2010 and 2019.

As for her, she was never charged but was under a restraining order after wounding him with a cleaver.

In September 2020, he was seeing another woman, and she decided to kill him.

Her online searches at the time included “is it really easy to murder somebody with a knife”, “how to kill someone with an axe” and “what is the fastest part of body to kill someone with an axe”.

When he was with the other woman, she texted him multiple times, and also tried to call him.

She then went out and bought the axe.

On the night of the murder she also sent messages to a pastor.

Her partner was at home in the townhouse they shared in the Sydney suburb of St Marys, looking at his iPad in bed, when she attacked him.

He died of multiple chop wounds to the head.

She then ordered some food using Uber Eats, and early in the morning, went to the police.

Though she confessed to the crime straight away, police said she lied to them about various details.

The man’s aunt made an emotional statement in court, saying he had been very close to his mother, who died earlier this year.

The mother's sister told the court: “Her heart was suffocated by grief – the loss of her son ended her life.”

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