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Wang Lei's son attacked by M'sian influencer during livestream in Penang

A livestreamer in Malaysia was attacked while hosting a live show outside a shopping mall in Penang on Saturday (Nov 4), unravelling a longstanding dispute between two social media influencers.

The alleged victim, Louis, who goes by the moniker Sell Fish Boy, is the son of Wang Lei, an online fish seller and former Getai singer in Singapore.

Louis was doing a Facebook livestream at a Thai food street bazaar outside the Island88 shopping mall when the incident occurred in the evening.

A video of the incident uploaded on Facebook shows Malaysian influencer Nelson Phan approaching Louis as he was standing among a group of people.

Phan then gestured for the others to move away as he put his arm around Louis. When the latter tried to push Phan off, a kerfuffle ensued. 

In the video, after several minutes, Phan addresses the camera and says that the group needed a permit to be livestreaming overseas. 

Moments later, he then adds: "Wang Lei, I was actually waiting for you tonight, but you're lucky that your son was here instead." 

Phan also pulled out a packet of condoms and sanitary pads from his bag, and remarked that he had specially prepared them for Wang Lei. 

"I warned you before not to play with Malaysian women," Phan said.

According to Malaysian media reports, Phan was arrested for his involvement in the scuffle. 

Phan has gone public in recent times over his disapproval of Wang Lei, alledging that the latter has been committing “indecent acts" in Malaysia, reported Hype

On Monday, Wang Lei and Louis took to Facebook live to address the issue and refute Phan's claims. 

"Phan went to the police to say that [my son] attacked him. We were the victims, but yet you claim that we were the ones that caused trouble?" an agitated Wang Lei, 61, said. 

"The event organiser also got approval for us to livestream at the event," he added. 

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